To be able to serve the quality requirements of its clients, the Company endeavours on a rigid selection process in the supplies of fresh mangoes, taking into considerations the following:

Cultural practices
of each region



Seasonality of the fruit



Strict Quality Control Allows The Company To Retain The Optimum Level Of Efficiency In Its Operations. This May Be Summarized As Follows:

Batch samples of every delivery are subjected to chemical residue tests using the accredited laboratory units to ensure compliance to export requirements prior to packing. Results of these tests are evaluated thoroughly by competent Company technicians together with the government and foreign inspectors.

Maturity, infestation, disease and abnormalities of the mangoes are being double-checked in the Sorting Section using the individual sorting method to ensure compliance with the strict export requirements. Good quality mangoes are then transferred to the automatic sorting machine, where
the fruits are sorted according to size and weight. The sorted mangoes are counter-checked by competent inspectors to ensure that the correct size and weight are attained at all times.

The sorted export grade mangoes, which are filled inside VHT trays, are then transferred to the automatic washing machine, where it will be cleaned to remove dirt attached to the fruits. The VHT trays will then be loaded on a plastic pallet and transferred to the Hot Water Treatment Section,
where the fruits are dipped for 3 to 5 minutes. Temperature requirement ranges from 50° C to 55° C, depending on the source and maturity of the fruit.

After the hot water treatment, the mangoes are loaded inside the Vapor Heat Treatment Chamber, where it will stay for about 7 hours. The VHT uses hot/dry air process to eradicate the fruit fly larvae. As a requirement, the holding time is about 10 minutes at a specific temperature level.
However, before the holding time, the relative humidity must be 90% minimum. The process is completed after 40 minutes of air-cooling.

The processed mangoes are then unloaded in the VHT Chamber and transferred to the Drying Area before it goes to the Packing Section, where the fruits are packed manually according to its size requirement and destination. Using a conveyor system, the packed mangoes are rolled inside the
Storage Section, where it will stay until finally loaded inside a refrigerated van.